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The gentle action of the aligner splints we offer corrects the misaligned teeth painlessly and without everyday restrictions.

Aligner splints are transparent appliances that are very comfortable to use and only exert a gentle pressure on the treated teeth.

Their maintenance is easy. During the treatment period, they can be removed and - unlike fixed appliances - do not cause any restrictions on eating.

In the case of minor tooth misalignments, we are able to shorten the treatment time using aligner therapy and reduce its costs.

Any ongoing tooth decay or root canal treatment must be ended before the start of the aligner therapy.

Prophylactic measures to remove dental deposits and to correct inflammation in the mouth must also be carried out beforehand.

Regardless of the equipment used, regular check-ups and preventive examinations are important during the treatment period so that good oral hygiene is maintained.



Today's methods make it possible to correct misaligned teeth regardless of the patient's age. More and more adults consider correcting their teeth to be imperative.

So improving one's appearance is not the only goal of such treatments. The misaligned teeth have a significant impact on the muscle and joint system (overload and pain in the facial skull area), the risk of caries development, over-sensitivity (e.g. in the case of pathological tooth closure or exposed necks of overloaded teeth) and prevent proper oral hygiene, more frequent occurrence of tooth deposits and periodontitis .

For these reasons, early diagnosis and treatment before the development of a malocclusion is recommended.

The costs of the above treatments are often reimbursed by your health insurance company - we will be happy to discuss the details of your current insurance with you and suggest the best solution.




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