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Regardless of the age and stomatological history of a patient, everyone should have oral hygiene measures carried out. Regular dental hygiene is the best solution for those patients who want to avoid complicated and time-consuming dental procedures.

The best protection against tooth loss, tooth decay, gum disease, hypersensitivity of the teeth and many secondary diseases is regular oral hygiene.

Dental hygiene also has a great influence on the aesthetic aspects. Numerous specialist oral hygiene measures are carried out in our clinic to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.
Dental plaque and discoloration that are not removed correctly or only irregularly lead to the formation of tartar which is dangerous for your teeth and the teeth supporting structure. If this problem is left untreated, the gums and alveolar bones can finally regress and gaps arise between the tooth and the gum.

Tooth loosening occurs, which can lead to tooth loss. The only method of professional teeth cleaning for tartar is dental treatment. Our clinic has equipment: powder jet device and ultrasonic scaler. With the help of the powder jet device, deposits are reached into the deepest spaces and removed perfectly, completely painlessly. Ultrasound devices are also used in the treatment, because deposited tartar is loosened by means of ultrasound scaling.
Powder jet cleaning and tartar removal take from 30 to 60 minutes. 
In our clinic, each tooth is cleaned individually from all sides. Finally, the teeth are thoroughly polished using the appropriate toothbrushes, polishing pastes and rubber polishers. The dentist applies fluoride to the cleaned teeth.

Powder jet cleaning is also helpful in removing discolouration. It should be noted that teeth whitening must not be carried out without prior cleaning.


This measure involves applying fluoride to the teeth.

It is used to strengthen teeth and prevent hypersensitivity of the teeth. In addition, fluoride inhibits plaque formation. Fluorides strengthen tooth enamel and are an essential agent used in dental oral hygiene measures.

It is recommended that dental hygiene procedures are usually performed twice a year.

Proper oral hygiene at home, thorough brushing, flossing and rinsing will help reduce the frequency of dental procedures.

In our clinic, every patient receives complete instructions on proper oral hygiene.





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