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The aim of conservative dental treatment is to restore damaged teeth in order to maintain the health, function and natural appearance of your teeth.

As a rule, incorrect oral hygiene and irregular prophylaxis are the main causes of caries-related damage to teeth.
Tooth decay is a bacterial disease of tooth tissue and, if left untreated, can have serious consequences that often require time-consuming and costly treatment methods such as root canal treatment.

Therefore, prophylactic measures, regular dental checks and appropriate oral hygiene are very important. In our clinic, we believe that dental health is just as important as an aesthetic smile.

We guarantee this effect thanks to precise diagnostics and multifactorial treatment using the latest dental solutions and technologies.


A frequent cause of tooth decay progression is irregular visits to dental check-ups because of fear of the dentist. Therefore, not only painless anesthesia is important in the treatment of dental diseases, but also careful handling of anxious patients and individual adaptation of treatment methods so that you feel comfortable and at ease.

The therapy planning takes place in our clinic in stages and we try to adapt the duration of individual sessions to your expectations.

Today's dentistry offers a wide range of modern filling materials. These not only have an impact on the aesthetic restoration of teeth, but also on their protection against further caries development. In our clinic we use aesthetic composite fillings.

Except the standard fillings, we also offer an excellent alternative: inlays and onlays. These are characterized by increased durability and aesthetics compared to conventional fillings and can be used instead of a "standard seal" in the area of the molars.

The material is prepared by the dentist in the dental laboratory, then it is applied to the tooth with a cement, e.g. B. glued plastic cement. This ensures optimal precision and exact reconstruction of the tooth. For aesthetic reasons, inlays and onlays are most often made of ceramic or composite.

Combination of many color nuances gives unlimited possibilities of adaptation to the natural tooth color. In addition, natural light reflections and optical properties ensure that the natural tooth structure is reproduced; this makes this solution completely invisible in the dentition

Except the aesthetic advantages, inlays and onlays are characterized by their longevity and oral resistance.

Inlays and onlays - advantages

  • Very long life and mouth resistance
  • Nature-identical tooth shape ensures the highest level of aesthetics
  • Color fastness
  • Do not deform, which is typical of dental filling materials
  • Significantly strengthen the tooth structure
  • Precise reconstruction of the tooth shape ensures better functionality

We have our own Swiss laboratory, which means we can guarantee the highest quality and quick production.

Tooth sealing protects teeth from tooth decay. Most often this is done in children and adolescents after the permanent teeth have erupted, but this method of treatment is often recommended in adults. Tooth sealing is completely painless.

The teeth are dried and their occlusal surfaces are etched and coated with a special sealing material, which is then polymerized with a halogen lamp.





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