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The beautiful smile is a health symbol. This is why it is so important to develop proper health-promoting habits before the permanent teeth appear and to take the child to the dentist before a toothache occurs.

Appropriate measures, both on the part of the dentist and the parents, can significantly reduce the risk of caries developing on the young patient's teeth. This has a direct impact on reducing the number of procedures and the cost of the entire treatment.

For this reason, the first visit to a dental practice is recommended after the first milk teeth have erupted.

We cordially invite parents and their children to discover our aquarium with fish - it will certainly make the first visit pleasant.

In our practice, your children are always cared for sensitively and in a child-friendly atmosphere. It is important to us to create trust and a feeling of security from the very first visit; We take our little patients on a tour of our dental practice, ride on our dentist's chair and introduce our fish, which greet every patient, whether small or large, in the waiting room.


The well-being of the little patients when treating tooth decay and its complications is very important to us, which is why we discuss every phase of the treatment with you.

We use gentle pain numbing methods, including pain gels, and in particularly difficult cases we can consider carrying out the treatment under general anesthesia.

On request, we can use colorful fillings.

In our practice, we attach great importance to prevention and according to this rule, we carry out dental sealing and fluoridation. We would also be happy to explain the correct cleaning technique to your child.

With our recall system, we are happy to remind you of regular control or prophylaxis appointments.

Each of us can have beautiful smiles and the conscious parents are responsible for developing the right habits of their children.

We would like to help you.





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