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Without a doubt, white teeth make us more beautiful and strengthen our self-confidence and make us more beautiful and attractive. The tooth discoloration, however, is inevitable. There are many factors that affect the color of our teeth.

Fortunately, thanks to the constant development of aesthetic dentistry and modern bleaching technologies, we can get a bright white smile again.


Teeth whitening is a very popular topic, so we can find many whitening products on the market that are intended for home use, such as gels, strips and aligners. In our clinic, however, we recommend a professionally performed teeth whitening treatment by the dentist.

It is basically the most effective, permanent and at the same time low-risk solution to whiten your discolored teeth. Our experts will customize the most suitable whitening method for you so that the best result is achieved under their care. The duration of the treatment depends on the individual needs of your teeth.


In tooth whitening treatment, it is extremely important that discolored teeth are whitened without causing hypersensitivity and irritating the gums and oral mucosa.

The teeth whitening treatment carried out in our clinic is 100% harmless. Depending on the structure of the enamel, the treatment can even lighten your teeth by up to 8 shades of white and the result lasts for up to 3 years.

The shelf life of the aesthetic whitening result depends on oral hygiene and eating habits. Tooth whitening can be done on any patient who does not have any of the contraindications listed below:

  • Tooth decay and diseases of the gums and gums

  • Periodontal disease

  • Hypersensitivity of the teeth and exposed tooth necks

  • pregnancy and breast feeding period

  • Allergies to ingredients of the teeth whitening gel

  • Changes in the lining of the mouth

  • Surgical interventions were carried out promptly

  • Wearing an orthodontic appliance (the treatment may be carried out at least 6 months after the appliance has been dismantled)


Teeth whitening with a splint

Splint teeth whitening has recently become very popular, mainly because it is considered convenient - it is done independently by the patient at home. In addition, the patient has complete control over the whitening result, as the enamel is whitened gradually. The patient can determine the duration of a session and end it when the expected result has been achieved.

This tooth whitening method is carried out using a special splint made on the basis of a dental impression. This is very elastic, comfortable and transparent. In addition to the splint, the patient also receives whitening gel syringes. In order for the hoped-for result to be achieved, the whitening instructions from the dentist are necessary (when the splint should be used, what amounts of gel should be placed in the splint and how long the splint should be worn).

Most of the time, the splints have to be worn overnight. The total duration of a whitening period is usually 5 to 14 days, but the exact number of sessions is determined. The first effects are already visible after the first session and the final result even lasts for a few years. Before repeating the teeth whitening with a splint, the patient should present himself to the dental practice so that any contraindications can be clarified.

Prevdent procedure

Prevdent is a modern treatment method for teeth whitening and simultaneous strengthening of the enamel. The dentist applies a special foam preparation to the tooth surface and then activates it by lighting it with a special lamp. This method is one hundred percent natural and safe. The Prevdent system contains nano-hydroxyapatite, which is the main component of tooth enamel. The procedure is carried out once and takes about 1.5 hours.

Beyond method

Is one of the most popular teeth whitening methods. The Beyond system is used by specialist dentists around the world. A tooth whitening gel is applied to the teeth by the dentist and then activated using a cold light lamp. The procedure usually takes 1 hour.





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