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Dental prosthetics are constantly evolving, but nowadays they give us numerous options for restoring missing teeth.

Our highly qualified dentists and prosthodontists provide you with quality prostheses, crowns and dental bridges, ensuring well-being and the best end result.

Missing teeth are definitely an embarrassing problem for everyone. Dentistry and prosthetics are our passion, so we make every effort to ensure that your smile is aesthetically pleasing.
Our own dental laboratory with top Swiss quality standards.
Eigenes Dental Labor mit Top Schweizer Qualitätsstandart


With every dental treatment, we always put the patient's well-being in the foreground.
The affected tooth is thoroughly examined and the complete medical history is analyzed. During the dental consultation, all possible solutions of prosthetic dental treatment are offered and finally the one that best meets the patient's expectations and, in our opinion, is the most optimal is chosen.


Bridges - this prosthetic technique is based on the fact that the anchor teeth (neighboring teeth) are connected with a pontic.

The bridge is anchored to the fastening pillars and serves to close the gap.

We recommend this method if there is no possibility of inserting implants in the patient or if there are not extensive gaps between the teeth. If the neighboring teeth have large plastic or amalgam fillings, the bridge can also protect and strengthen the neighboring teeth.

Crowns - dentures, are firmly glued with cement. We recommend this if there is a greater loss of hard tooth tissue, if a tooth is weak or after root canal treatment.

It is a very aesthetic solution that reinforces the affected tooth at the same time. We also offer porcelain, zirconium and all-ceramic crowns. They are perfectly and thoroughly adapted to shape and color.

Veneers - are the best solution for patients who are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth (e.g. if there are large spaces between the teeth = diastemas or discoloration). Veneers are colourfast and durable.

They do not contain metal, which guarantees the visual-aesthetic effect.

Acrylic dentures - full and partial dentures are manufactured in our clinic. This solution is suitable for extensive and advanced tooth losses.

Such prostheses are also a good solution as a temporary addition to z. B. during implant treatment (e.g. immediate prosthesis)

Model cast prostheses - our clinic produces model cast prostheses that consist of prosthetic saddles (metal framework) and the teeth (made of acrylic or porcelain) attached to them.

The metal framework guarantees a high level of durability and makes it easier to adjust the prosthesis. In contrast to acrylic prostheses, model cast prostheses enable the physiological distribution of the chewing forces on the remaining teeth.

The metal framework can be replaced by a more aesthetically pleasing plastic framework.

Dental implants

Implant treatment is becoming more and more popular, regardless of patient age.

Dental implants are considered to be one of the most effective methods of replacing missing teeth; at the same time, patients regain a beautiful and healthy smile, which improves their quality of life.

To maintain the proper function of the chewing apparatus, it is often necessary to replenish even a single lost tooth. A tooth gap that occurs after a tooth loss affects both the position of the neighboring teeth and the opposing teeth - it causes the teeth to tilt, their displacement and even an opposing tooth falling out of the tooth socket; namely, this is the result of the lack of contact with the antagonist.

The goal of today's implant prosthetics is a comfortable, aesthetic and permanent treatment result as well as the restoration of the natural beauty and the correct function of the dentition. Implants are considered a firm and more convenient alternative to removable dentures.

Implants are a solution both for missing individual teeth and for complete lack of teeth.

We would be happy to advise you and offer you individual options for dentures.

We adapt each treatment method to your personal expectations and financial possibilities





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